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Author Topic: #otdm-test beta report!  (Read 5878 times)

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« on: February 17, 2008, 10:03:11 pm »

We have been testing otdm on my server briefly this night. We will continue to test and try to find buggs and suggestions that might help R1ch to develope this mod. #otdm-test on quakenet or purri.mine.nu:27930 if you wanna take part.

Im just gonna list everything we found and think so far. Feel free to add or talk about them as you wish.


Some players experience choppiness of screen when using chain/ssg in closecombat
When "male" types "kill" is says "killed itself instead of himself"

Some players experience choppiness overall all the time I cant even play properly.

When in spectate mode you cant go in eyes. Missing a "players/male/null_i.pcx"

When you spawn during a game you sometimes look straight up or down with your crosshair.

When going up lifts/elevators and there is a corpse there it explodes and disoiriantates your crosshair.. you look the wrong way.

When standing under lift it does not go down. Usually its the opposite. (on Q2DM1)


Red armor in warmup


"id" Identification of players. Player names when you look at them with your crosshair.

Some kind of display that says the current powerups, weapons, flags, settings that are set currently on the server.

Command to see other players stats.

That model/skins can be the same all the time. If you want to be male or female all the time and always play the opposite you should be able to. (Idea stolen from xania but would be very welcomed all over the community if it was brought back)

A list of the current maps the server has installed.


That you stay in the team after the game is over.

That stats of all players after the game is saved untill the next game starts. So you can check them in warmup after the game is over.

Scoreboard is very bad in general.

Spawndelay to instant if you press "fire". So you can spawn right away.

When you start a vote it looks like someone is talking. Should be more noticeable and perhaps show how many votes are left for the vote to pass.

When "spamming" or "flooding" it gives you only 4 "says". Maybe increase it to 5-6 lines as default. When typing fast you get 10sec delay very easy.

In warmup mode: You spawn with the weapon you used last.

In stats change name on health to megahealth.

When you do a "dubble rail" it still counts only as 1 hit in the stats. Should be counted as 2 hits but only 1 shot.

Mikael "PURRI" Tarvainen

Updated last 18/2-2008
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« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2008, 10:13:45 pm »

Missing null.pcx is caused by not having the OpenTDM "invisible player" model installed, it can be found on SVN or in the server download (I think!).

Choppiness has nothing to do with the mod since it's all server-side, there is no way for it to cause any kind of FPS problems or similar.

Stats are already preserved for the last game, they can be accessed by oldstats / laststats / oldaccuracy / etc. All stats commands also take an optional player name or ID too to see other persons stats.

Looking up / down bug on spawn is very rare bug from 3.20, it happens in almost all mods at some point or another. Probably caused by delta angles messing up somewhere, need to research this further.

The way items work, Megahealth is just considered Health with 100 count and special think handler, changing the name would also affect regular Health packs unless a gross, ugly, disgusting hack was added Smiley.
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