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Author Topic: Some feature requests  (Read 2014 times)

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« on: August 24, 2009, 01:10:44 am »

Hi, first I would like to say thank you for the effort that you've put into this game client, it's helping a-lot with keeping this game alive. Here are some feature requests:

Keyboard mapping
I use a Swedish keyboard and the game client uses an english keyboard layout, so I'm missing a-lot of special characters such as questionmark etc., I'm sure that everyone with a non-english keyboard has this problem, it would be great if one could define their own keyboard key mapping in a file, I could have a look and implement this, but would it be accepted into thie source?. I also have lots of buttons on my mouse which I would like to map somehow, this would be possible with defining the key codes in an external file.

Mouse wheel scrolling in the console
The aprq2 client allows this and it's much better than using the pageup-pagedown.

A command to save the configuration from the console
And all variables and binds etc. that you define in the console.

if statement
The client is missing the "if" statement, which seems to be present in the original quake 2 and aprq2 game clients. A "while" loop would also be great so that people can do some real scripting
(just an example I wrote while still using aprq2: ]bind l "set russian_roulette 7; random russian_roulette 0 7; echo $russian_roulette; if $russian_roulette > 4 then kill else echo win")
But seriously, I play quake 2 jump so it would be great if I could bind  one key to switch between team easy and team hard and it requires one to automate the menu selection thing and the if statement for like "if cl_team == hard then alias_join_easy ..." etc.

Minimal graphics quality mode
Not only to help the people that have slower computers to gain some extra fps, but I would also like to maximize the amount of fps, I'm sure there are a-lot of features that could be disabled with a switch so that I can still use 1920x1200 and also get high fps.

I am compiling the quake 2 jump mod source from  http://www.r1ch.net/q2/jump/ , and seing how most stuff on http://www.r1ch.net/q2 are dated to at least a few years back I'm not sure if the jump mod is still under development or if that source code for the mod is from 2004 or something like that, is there any newer source from maybe a cvs repository?.

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