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Author Topic: MAC: R1Q2 works!? - then riddle me this!  (Read 9045 times)
« on: February 04, 2010, 06:38:35 pm »

Hi! /happy new year by the way!

Last time I posted was a couple of years ago. That time I asked if R1Q2 would work Mac OS (because I didn't really understand how the Mac OS worked at that time).  But I was told that 'it' didn't. On the other hand I was told that www.fruitz-of-dojo.de had a working client, and my thread ended there.

But earlier this month I browsed this forum again. And noticed that there were some people who had been able to use R1q2 on Mac OS. And If I understood it correctly they used XCode to do so in a way. I don't know much about programming. And I barely know what Xcode is a tool for.

But I found some 'threads' with some interesting replies:

I also downloaded this:

I've looked through and read a lot of files. But I can't get a grip of it. I don't know where nor how place it.

So my questions are:
1. How do I get R1q2 working on Mac Os? (what do I need,xcode, how difficult is it, will I be able to do it with my 'programming' skills.)
2. Can I use R1gl on Max Os?
3. Will it enhance the games performance? (I'm using the .images from www.fruitz-of-dojo.de now, but it doesn't run as smooth as I would like it to.)

I'm asking because I'm away at college and only have a macbook available (Mac OS X 10.5.4).

I will appreciate any help dearly.

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« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2010, 10:14:50 pm »

XCode is the integrated development environment (IDE) for Mac OS, much like Visual Studio is the IDE for Windows. The FruitzofDojo Quake 2 code was developed in the XCode IDE the language is C or C++. Coming from the Windows environment like I was XCode is much nicer than some of the stuff on Linux but the equivalent would be the KDE package there. OS X has it's origins in FreeBSD so you can write code for OS X as you would for Linux but there are enough differences that the task is not trivial.

There are two initial problems with porting r1q2 for Mac as a client. A coder would have to start with the code as has written it and then modify it to build on the mac as though it was Linux. The r1gl code is also specialized for the Windows platform enough that getting it to perform well on the Mac might be problematic. The other problem is that the anticheat DLL is closed source, uses special Windows features and cannot be used on Linux or Mac OS clients at all. This makes using R1q2 on anticheat servers only possible where those servers allow optional anticheat per R1ch's recommendation.

As you can imagine, this would be a lot of work to do for very few users.

What you might want to consider is running the Windows r1q2 and anticheat on Windows under the Parallels 5.0 Desktop virtual machine. Parallels is an excellent VM for Windows on the Mac and is much better than any other VM currently available. The graphics performance is supposed to be much improved over the 4.0 version but I have not upgraded my setup yet so I can't tell you firsthand how good it is. I run Windows 2000 and different flavors of Linux on my 20 inch iMac under Parallels 4.0 Desktop. For gaming I generally use my PC. Smiley

FWIW, I did attempt to build an older release of r1q2 last year and got mired in the details and never got back to it. I can try b7904 and see if it's any better now that I know more about what I am doing in XCode.
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2010, 06:35:49 pm »

r1gl doesn't work on snow leopard... needs a recompilation in universal binary format Sad
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