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« on: July 28, 2006, 02:55:03 am »

As many are undoubtedly aware, I've been working on a basic anti cheat addon for R1Q2 and other compatible clients (currently, EGL and AprQ2). Anticheat is only supported on Windows 2000/XP/2003 x86. The recommended requirement setting is optional - ie, normal clients will still be allowed to connect. Forced anticheat is only recommended in very closed environments where admins purposefully want to lock out all non-Windows and non-anticheat clients, for example in tournaments or leagues.

Please visit http://antiche.at/ to get the current version of the anticheat module and a supported client (eg R1Q2 or EGL) if you are not using one already as anticheat will not function with the Q2 3.20 release. Installation is simple, just place the anticheat.dll in your Quake II folder and it will load as needed when using a supported client. The module will self-update as necessary, so once installed, you should not need to manually update it. If however a problem arises, you can use the R1Q2 Updater to ensure your anticheat.dll is the latest version, even if you are not using R1Q2 as your client.

See this thread: http://www.r1ch.net/forum/index.php?topic=1242.0

(Old Info Below)

Server admins wishing to enable anticheat on their server, please register on these forums and send me a private message including your servers IP address (static IPs only) and provide some way so I can verify your ownership of the server in question. Provided you meet the guidelines below, you will then get access to the anticheat server and private server admin forum with all the details on how to setup anticheat. Server registration is managed through the forum, so you must be registered here in order to run an anticheat server.

The use of the anticheat server is restricted to established servers which have active admins. To try and go into a bit more detail about what constitutes an established server, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my contact info or a website / forum easily available for any players to contact me with any concerns or problems?

  • Does my server have regular players?

  • Am I able to update my server with the latest r1q2ded / dedicated.exe very soon after release?

  • Do I have the time to configure file checks and sort out what models, sounds, skins, etc are approved?

The goal behind this is to ensure any servers running anticheat provide the best possible experience for players. Anticheat is not a single one-shot solution to stop cheating; you must put time and effort into configuring anticheat as well as your server. You must be able to set up file checks to stop spiked models which involves communicating with players to determine any custom content they may want to use. You will need to update your server in a timely manner should any protocol-breaking changes be needed. Basically what it boils down to is that anticheat is intended to be an additional tool to help server admins, not to replace them.
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