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Author Topic: R1Q2 Changelog  (Read 217252 times)

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« Reply #75 on: September 30, 2008, 11:10:46 pm »


  • Common: Remove "enhanced" server support (not used).

  • Server: Fix sv_interpolated_pmoves sometimes moving clients to old origins when processing stringcmds.

  • Server: Support sv_features / g_features for negotiating extended feature support for the Game DLL. A reference for mod authors will possibly be posted on the forum.

  • Client: New "followip" command, will connect to the last IP address detected in a chat message.

  • Client: APRQ2-style triggers, new commands "trigger" and "untrigger".

  • Client: Fixed scr_chathud skipping last letter of name in (say_team) messages without scr_chathud_colored set.

  • Client: scr_chathud_highlight_char, if set then highlighting will continue up until the specified character in the message. Defaults to " " so setting scr_chathud_highlight 1 works mostly as expected now.

  • Client: scr_chathud_highlight mask of 2 is now default - highlight will begin from the start of the line unless scr_chathud_highlight is masked with 2. Done so that defaults work more intuitively.

  • Client: LOG_CHAT loglevel now includes only PRINT_CHAT messages.

  • Client: Improved origin calculations for login/respawn/logout particle effects.

  • Client: Fixed improper float comparisons on cheat protected cvars that could allow clients to manipulate them. Old R1Q2 versions will no longer be considered anticheat valid as a result of this change.

  • Win32 Client: URL catcher, the last HTTP URL detected in a chat message will appear on the window menu for easy access.


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« Reply #76 on: October 25, 2008, 05:00:34 pm »

b7904 (Client only):

  • Client: cl_quietstartup cvar, if set will suppress all initialization text in the console from client subsystems. Default 1.

  • Client: vid_quietload cvar, if set will suppress all renderer initialization text in the console. Default 1.

  • Client: Fixed a crash caused by setting cl_particlecount too high or low.

  • Client: Changed +button / -button behaviour so -events are only generated if the corresponding +event was triggered.

  • Client: Fixed a crash that could occur when switching between HTTP-enabled servers with HTTP downloads enabled.

  • Client: Fixed a crash that could occur when issuing vid_restart or changing vid_ref while connected to a server.

  • Client: Fixed a crash that could occur when using the start server menu and switching between mods.

  • Win32 Client: Quadrupled the size of the DirectInput mouse buffer and process overflow conditions properly. Should result in better DirectInput mouse performance when running on low FPS systems that previously would overflow the buffer, causing R1Q2 to briefly ignore all mouse movement.

  • Win32 Client: Improved crash report auto diagnosis. No longer upload reports caused by known buggy DLLs.


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« Reply #77 on: September 12, 2011, 11:39:53 pm »

This will probably be the last release of R1Q2. Hopefully I didn't introduce any regressions, the demo thing worries me as I don't recall how well tested it was but we will see. Unfortunately my Linux build environment got destroyed somewhere in the last few years so I don't have any pre-built binaries for Linux. Sorry.

  • Common: Fixed %p / 0x%p inconsistenices in error messages.

  • Common: Run "EXEC_NOW" exec commands immediately rather than just dumping into the command buffer. Fixes issue with r1gl.cfg not applying.

  • Client: Increased HTTP download to 4 connections by default.

  • Client: Fixed another crash that could occur when issuing vid_restart or changing vid_ref while connected to a server.

  • Client: Fixed a possible crash in the video menu.

  • Client: Hide "ignoring DirectInput mouse" message when using cl_quietload.

  • Client: Ignore cl_quietload and vid_quietload if developer 1 is set.

  • Client: Check before starting a game from the single player menu that the single player maps are available.

  • Client: Improve how demos handle non-recordable (oversized P35) packets. Recording now maintains a last valid delta so a lost demo frame will be recovered and deltas will continue from the last known valid frame. This should fix instances of entity state corruption following a lost demo frame due to invalid deltas. In the instance of many dropped frames or packet loss, uncompressed messages will be written.

  • Client: Fix cl_railtrail being set too high causing an error.

  • Client: No longer require 1ms per frame, allowing frame rates to be unlimited (previously capped at 1000 fps). Note that extremely high frame rates may cause visual artifacting.

  • Client: Prevent quake2:// links from being able to include additional command line options.

  • Client: Support for q2proxy, a re-routing proxy to route connection through a 3rd party server in an attempt to reduce latency. Set cl_proxy to the address of the server running the proxy then connect as normal. Experimental, may cause complications with multiple clients from the same IP.

  • Client: Improved precache speed when running with vsync on.

  • Server: Improved qport handling from multiple clients from the same IP.

  • Server: Fix 'required' flag on anticheat-hashes.txt to actually kick clients that fail the hash.

  • Server: Include 'port' in response to status or heartbeat messages to help with NAT traversal.

  • Server: Configurable rcon brute force protection, sv_rcon_ratelimit cvar to control how many rcon requests to allow per second.

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