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Author Topic: OTDM crash  (Read 4149 times)

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« on: January 18, 2008, 08:55:01 am »

i feel that this is OTDM bug so i'm posting in OTDM subforum.. feel free to move it to r1q2 if i'm mistaken

some days ago (after your last change in otdm svn) i tried to use "gamemap <map>" but server crashed like 3-4 times in row.. today i tried to do it again, but it doesn't crash anymore (huh).. anyway.. there's the crash report

Segmentation Fault
A crash has occured within R1Q2 or the Game DLL (mod)
that you are running.  This is most  likely caused by
using the wrong server binary (eg, r1q2ded instead of
r1q2ded-old) for the mod you are running.  The server
README on the  R1Q2 forums has more information about
which binaries you should be using.

If possible, try re-building R1Q2 and the mod you are
running from source code to ensure it isn't a compile
problem. If the crash still persists, please post the
following  debug info on the R1Q2 forums with details
including the mod name,  version,  Linux distribution
and any other pertinent information.

Stack dump (11 frames):
00: ./r1q2ded [0x807043d]
01: /home/wision/quake2/./opentdm/gamei386.so(TDM_ScoreBoardString+0x5ab) [0x40365589]
02: /home/wision/quake2/./opentdm/gamei386.so(DeathmatchScoreboard+0x35) [0x40376e93]
03: /home/wision/quake2/./opentdm/gamei386.so(Cmd_Score_f+0x73) [0x40376f27]
04: /home/wision/quake2/./opentdm/gamei386.so(ClientCommand+0xb9) [0x40350300]
05: ./r1q2ded [0x806b41c]
06: ./r1q2ded [0x80674ef]
07: ./r1q2ded [0x805318a]
08: ./r1q2ded [0x8070d0b]
09: /lib/tls/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xf4) [0x40068974]
10: ./r1q2ded [0x8049c81]

Version: r1q2ded b7587 (Linux i386) Binary Build (Jan 13 2008)
OS Info: Linux quake 2.6.8-4-k7 #1 Mon Apr 30 08:53:41 UTC 2007 i686
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